Preventing avoidable diabetes related lower limb amputations.

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Our Mission

Helping people with diabetes prevent the sort of complications with the lower limb that can lead to ulceration and ultimately amputation

Our Vision

That by 2035 the rate of amputations globally will be reduced from the current rate of 1 every 20 secs to 1 every minute

Our Awards

Winner – Best Non-for-Profit Organisation of the year FSB Surrey awards 2015

Winner – Best Non-for-Profit Organisation of the year SME Surrey awards 2016

Winner – Best Non-for-Profit Organisation of the year 2017 FSB London awards 2017

Finalist – Best Healthcare Solution of the year- African Healthcare awards 2017


The big picture for undefeeted is to have a global impact by raising awareness at all levels from individual people, families, communities, health organizations, industry, governments and international organizations.


We believe that it is only by interacting and influencing at each of these levels will it be possible to have the impact that is our vision. We will interact on an individual basis and with families through the online resources and the book, with communities via sweet spot groups and workshops and in countries less fortunate than ourselves by training diabetic foot overseers as leaders in their local community with basic but critical footcare skills. With health orgnisations to work towards a system where everyone can have a proper podiatric assessment irrespective of whether they can afford it, where that assessment is done in a uniform way and is available to others involved in the persons care.


We will interact with industries such as the fitness, food and pharmaceutical with the goal of making good blood sugar control easier to achieve. We will lobby government regarding labeling of foods with easily recognized and understood warnings on. We will tirelessly embark on educational campaigns both locally and further afield. On an international level we will endeavour to secure resources for those countries where funds are lacking and the problem intensifying.

About Us

Peter and Tina are a powerful British couple living in London,UK whose journey so far has been an amazing success story. They have a family of 4 children.

Tina is a qualified educational psychologist but since 2005 has worked solely on growing the family business and in more recent years devoting much of her time to their philanthropic work through their jointly founded award winning non for profit organisation Undefeeted.

Peter is a qualified Podiatrist with over 30 years’ experience during which time he has treated in excess of 200,000 feet. He is also the published author of the book Undefeeted by diabetes.

Together they won the prestigious title of Key persons of influence 2015 awarded by Dent global in December 2015.

As educators, Peter and Tina believe all children should have the opportunity to have their feet checked twice before the age of 12 and so have devoted much time in both primary and secondary phase schools offering free assemblies, parent evenings, workshops and foot health checks.

Peter says “ If all kids could be screened for foot structure problems many debilitating complications in later life could be prevented and at the very least the child would grow up with at least an understanding that their feet are important.”

More recently their effort to educate has shifted focus to helping people with diabetes understand how their disease can affect their feet and cause devastating affects often ending in amputation.

As business leaders Peter and Tina founded Circle Podiatry sixteen years ago and have established their Podiatry brand as a force to be reckoned with not only in their own industry but across the board winning numerous business awards giving them the honour of being the UK’s only multi award winning private podiatry brand. In June 2015 they launched their not for profit community interest company Undefeeted which within 5 months won the prestigious title of “Best not for profit organisation of the year“ at The UK Federation of Small Business (Surrey) 2015 and again in 2016. Business awards.

Tina also runs her own business Shift Challenge; where they challenge the status quo for people in business and in life to create a shift through mentoring. Unlike other mentoring programmes, Tina walks the talk having established 6 successful businesses over a 16 year period; she has developed a 4 step proven methodology that works in the real world! Shift challenge helps people to see the greatness in them.

Tina is also the London Chapter Director for EBW2020.COM ( Empower a Billion Women by 2020)

As professional speakers both Tina and Peter have spoken on many platforms and are equally able to transfix a crowd as a small group. They have spoken on the same stage as celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, Jermaine Jackson, Vanilla Ice and Michelle Mone, as well as business and thought leaders such as Dr Nido Qubein, (Highpoint University- USA) Jay Abraham and Sharon Lechter to mention but a few.

Peter and Tina’s true passion in life was born out of some life challenges that led to them committing to giving back to the world. These challenges included initially Peter’s diagnosis with type 2 diabetes followed a year or so later by their 11 year old daughter’s diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes in 2011 .

Their first hand experience of the disease coupled with their professional experience of just how devastating it can be to a person’s feet, led them to a deep conviction that it was not acceptable in 2014 that 1 person every 20 seconds was undergoing an amputation as a direct result of their diabetes. This conviction led them to write the book Undefeeted by diabetes which forms the spearhead of their global awareness campaign Undefeeted.

Their mission fuelled by their passion is to help people with diabetes prevent the sort of complications with their feet that can so easily lead to amputation.

In collaboration with one of the world’s training authority have developed together what is The World most comprehensive training on how to keep your feet healthy for life.

Their vision is that they will be able to stand anywhere in the world on world diabetes day on Nov 14th 2035 and say we did it-the diabetic amputation rate has been cut by 2 thirds from 1 every 20 secs to 1 a minute.

In short Peter and Tina Allton are known for helping you live an Ideal diabetic lifestyle whilst leaving you feeling totally Undefeeted.