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About Peter Allton

Peter Allton is the clinical director of Circle Podiatry, the UK’s only multi-award-winning podiatry ‘brand’. As a podiatrist his life’s work has been fixing people’s feet and lower limbs. He is also the founder of Undefeeted, a global campaign, powered by Circle Podiatry, which aims to reduce the number of avoidable diabetes-related lower limb amputations.

After spending 13 years working in community and hospital clinics for the NHS in the UK, Peter set up his private practise in 2001: Circle Podiatry. He qualified as a podiatrist in 1988 and has treated more than 200,000 feet. In 2005 his wife Tina left her teaching career to become practice manager and has become a driving force behind the success of Circle Podiatry. Together they have led their team to win numerous awards and become the UK’s only multi-award-winning podiatry brand.

Peter has always been aware of the importance of diabetes when treating feet, especially since he was diagnosed with Type 2 in 2010. But it was his daughter’s diagnosis with Type 1 at the age of 11 that changed the emphasis of his career forever. He realised that he was probably the only podiatrist in the world with Type 2 and a daughter with Type 1 and he has since made it his mission to do something about the horrific diabetes statistics.

Every 20 seconds, somewhere in the world, a person with diabetes is undergoing a lower limb amputation. It is estimated that 85% of these could be avoided. It is Peter’s vision that over the next ten years the Undefeeted campaign will help to cut that number by two thirds.

"Undefeeted" by Diabetes

Worldwide, someone has a lower limb amputated because of diabetes every 20 seconds and in 85% of cases this could be avoided. Undefeeted by Diabetes focuses on helping people with diabetes live in what Peter calls the ‘diabetic sweet spot’ – the safest possible place for them where they have a combination of knowledge and awareness of their personal risk and are taking appropriate action that helps them to live full and healthy lives. The book is aimed at those with diabetes, their family members, friends and those at risk of developing diabetes.

Peter Allton, a Podiatrist with over 27 years' experience, says: "I find it shocking and alarming that in 2015, one person every 20 seconds is undergoing a lower limb amputation because of their diabetes. Equally shocking, and yet exciting to me, is the fact that up to 85% of these could have been avoided. That is why I founded Undefeeted to have an impact on that statistic, one foot at a time.”

As someone living with type 2 diabetes himself, Peter’s passion to make a difference was further fanned into flame when his daughter aged 11 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He is the clinical director of Circle Podiatry, the UK's only multi-award winning private Podiatry brand, and the founder of Undefeeted.

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